2020 Gingerbread Festival Entry Guidelines

The deadline to enter the Waelderhaus’ Gingerbread Festival has been extended! The NEW deadline for registering an entry is Friday, November 13 at 5 p.m.   The deadline to submit your entry photos is midnight on Monday, November 23rd. Since this year's competition is VIRTUAL, entries will not be dropped off at the Waelderhaus.

2020 Gingerbread Festival Entry Form


Waelderhaus invites you to create an entry for our gingerbread festival.  Due to the pandemic, we have made some changes to the competition which allow students, families, teachers, individuals and community groups to enter the contest.  Here are the changes:

1.)    Gingerbread festival entries for our grade level categories do NOT need to be made in a classroom but can be made by a student or students at home with limited assistance from a caregiver.  Classrooms can have multiple entries.

2.)    We have added a new category which is titled “Open”, which allows anyone who does not fit into one of our other categories to compete.  Entries can come from families, teachers and even business professionals. 

3.)    We have extended the deadline for registering an entry for the festival until Friday, November 13th.  The deadline to submit your entry photos is midnight on Monday, November 23rd. Since this year's competition is VIRTUAL, entries will not be dropped off at the Waelderhaus.

4.)    This year’s Gingerbread Festival will be virtual without a public display of gingerbread houses at the historic Waelderhaus.  Instead, fans at-home will be able to visit Kohler Foundation’s website to view and vote for their favorite gingerbread creations from December 1 through December 31.

For your reference, here are the complete entrance guidelines for the 2020 Great Gingerbread Village Festival. 

1.)    All Sheboygan County pre-school, elementary, middle and high schools are invited to submit gingerbread creations for the contest as well as other community/youth-serving groups, like scouts, 4-H groups, etc. This year we have added a category called “Open” which is for anyone including families, teachers and even business professionals.

2.)   Judging will be divided into seven categories:  Pre-school, elementary K-2, elementary 3-5, middle school 6-8, high school 9-12, community/service groups and open. 

3.)    Cash prizes will be awarded for first ($500), second ($250) and third ($100) place in each category.  Cash prizes can only be given to organizations that are classified as tax-exempt public charities (Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) or public institutions such as schools or governmental entities.  Participants whose entries win a cash prize must name a tax-exempt organization whom they would like to have benefit from their award.

4.)   Art classes, cooking classes, other classes or organized groups of students and teachers may submit gingerbread creations. 

5.)   For the Open category, ANYONE may enter.  If a family chooses to enter, family members of varied ages including adults over the age of 18 may work on the project together.  If a professional decides to enter – e.g. teachers -, they may work alone or with a group of teachers.

6.)   For the categories related to grade level, children age 3 – 18 must construct the house with an adult(s) only providing basic information and assistance – e.g. baking the gingerbread.  If more than one child is involved, they will still enter in the grade level categories though at the grade level of the oldest child in the group.

7.)   All gingerbread creations must be mounted on a plywood board or comparable sturdy platform large enough to accommodate the structure, but no larger than 2 feet by 2 feet.  There is no height limitation for the structures.

8.)   Gingerbread houses must be constructed of entirely edible materials except for glue or toothpicks that may be used to adhere materials, in addition to frosting.  Homemade gingerbread, purchased gingerbread, graham crackers or any variety of cookies or crackers, either homemade or purchased may be used as the basic building material.  Candies, confections, gum drops, chocolate chips, candy canes, licorice, hard candies, coconut, etc., may also be used.  Be careful to use edible materials that will not melt or deteriorate easily

9.)   Gingerbread creations may be as grand as castles or as small as a cottage, but they must depict a lodging or structure that people would use.  The house could also include a surrounding yard, fences, trees, people or animals, or other items, if desired.  Some examples of gingerbread structures that were submitted in past years were schools, churches, cottages, castles, barns, stores, log cabins, gazebos, clock towers, boats and even outhouses!  USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

10.)   On-line voting will begin on December 1 and continue through December 31.  Gingerbread festival fans will be able to virtually view and vote for favorite gingerbread creations in each of the seven categories.  The votes will determine the winners.  The winners will be announced in January 2021.

To enter please complete this entry form and return to Debbie.weber@kohler.com by Friday, November 13. 

Please note that ALL Competitor Entry Photos will be due on midnight Monday, November 23 so that the Kohler Foundation can create the voting poll for the Gingerbread Festival competition. Since this year's competition is VIRTUAL, entries will not be dropped off at the Waelderhaus.