2023 RDK Scholarship Application

2023 Ruth DeYoung Kohler Scholarship for Artistic Excellence

Application Procedures

Graduating seniors from Sheboygan County high schools or those homeschool students who live in Sheboygan County who plan to pursue a career in the arts are invited to complete an application for the Ruth DeYoung Kohler (RDK) Scholarship for Artistic Excellence. The Kohler Foundation will consider all fields of artistic endeavor including: writing, theater, instrumental and vocal music, music composition, the visual arts, dance, and more. This scholarship awards up to $100,000 to a private or Top 20-ranked out-of-state public institution, or up to $50,000 to any other public institution over four years. Amounts may vary. Identifying exceptional talent is our primary focus, not grades or test scores.

Unlike other Kohler Foundation scholarships, individuals must apply directly to the Kohler Foundation for the RDK Scholarship, rather than being nominated by their high school. The application deadline for the RDK Scholarship is

February 13, 2023.

General categories of art have their own submission criteria. In each case, you are asked to submit a portfolio through our online submission process. In cases where an applicant needs to submit a performance video, Kohler Foundation assists in making that video, at no cost to the student. Low quality videos have hampered the foundation’s evaluations in the past --- please take advantage of this service to allow your talent to be shown to its fullest extent. All videography will be done by Kohler Co. personnel. It is strongly recommended that students use this service.

The foundation has arranged three dates for students to take advantage of professional videography services at the Kohler Memorial Theater in Kohler, Wis.  These dates will be announced soon.

Please contact Bridgitt Zielke at bridgitt.zielke@kohler.com to schedule a time to be videotaped.


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