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    Serpent Holder in Constellation Series

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    Journal #93

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    A Children's Story as Read by a Stork

Janice Lowry


 At the recommendation of Leslie Umberger, Curator of Folk and Self-Taught Art at Smithsonian American Art Museum, recommended that the family of artist Janice Lowry (1946-2009) reached out to Kohler Foundation in the spring of 2020 to preserve and place the artist's life's work. 

Lowry, a long-time Santa Ana, California resident is best known for her assemblages, collagescollages, and paintings. In addition, in 2009, her collection of 126 elaborate journals, created throughout the decades of her life, were placed with the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian.

Born in Phoenix, AZ to a mother who married seven timesand raised in an everchanging family dynamic, , Lowry found solace in making art. The chaos, instability and uncertainty of her upbringing are common themes in her work. For many years, Lowry struggled as a single mother to make a career from her art. She eventually married a second time, and through  However, with the the stability and support of her second marriage, her artistic career flourished. However, like many working women of her generation and today, she would forever struggle to balance her roles of artist, wife, and mother.

Lowry passed away in 2009 from liver cancer. Her husband, Jon Gothold, took special care of her work and placed the collectionm in safe storage. He contacted Kohler Foundation in 2020 to help build Janice’s legacy. Kohler Foundation has placed Lowry’s work with numerous California and Arizona museums.

Additional 2D and 3D works are currently available.