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Karen Fitzgerald

New York City-based artist Karen Fitzgerald creates artistic connection  on round canvases ranging from 18” diameter to 72” diameter called tondos.   Finding the square corners or traditional canvas restricting for her work she paints ethereal worlds on the tondos that are inspired by it’s the natural growth and changes in her garden.  She hopes the  imagery evokes self-contemplation within our small parts of the universe.

 With cherished memories from the family dairy farm and working in her garden, Fitzgerald’s sense of wonder continues to grow. She returns to the family cabin each year for inspiration and energy. Kohler Foundation has placed Fitzgerald’s tondos with St. Norbert College, , University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Beloit College and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

In addition to the work on the Tondos, and inspired by the work of renowned poet Czeslaw Milosz, she created the Lake of Darkness Portfolio.  This folio includes five poems by Milosz partnered with twelve photogravure etchings by Fitzgerald. Kohler Foundation has placed her portfolio in the permanent collections at her alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, ), as well as Princeton University, and University of California-Berkeley.

Kohler Foundation continues to identify appropriate placements of  Fitzgerald’s  tondo works and welcomes non-profits to contact us if interested in a gift of art.