Hartman Rock Garden

Located in Springfield, Ohio at 1905 Russell Avenue, the Hartman Rock Garden was built in the 1930s by Harry George “Ben” Hartman (1883-1944). The site contains over fifty stone and concrete structures, numerous varieties of plants, and countless handmade figurines. The site is filled with castles, scenes of American history, and miniature replicas of the White House, Mount Vernon, and Independence Hall, along with a mix of history, religion, and images of 1930s popular culture. The site also includes a residence and a studio shed on a large residential lot in Springfield.

The site received extensive conservation treatment over an eight- month period. The residence was completely remodeled to accommodate a small exhibition area, classes, workshops and an artist-in-residence. The site was gifted to the Friends of Hartman Rock Garden, a collaboration of the Springfield Foundation, Turner Foundation and Springfield Art Museum.

For additional information or to schedule a tour, please contact the Springfield Foundation at 937-324-8773 or visit the website at www.hartmanrockgarden.org.