Snap Wyatt


Snap Wyatt was a prolific painter of circus banners and created a substantial number of banners over the years. He was known for his speed and bold, cartoon-like style. His banners were painted with quick caricatures, and only the essential details of the performer were outlined in black to make them stand out. The bright and colorful banners drew in the crowd with the mystery of circus excitement and surprise. Wyatt is considered to be among the top in his field.

Kohler Foundation acquired four Snap Wyatt banners, c. 1950, in 2001. They were fully conserved by Neil Cockerline, an expert in circus materials, at the Upper Midwest Conservation Center. A fifth Snap Wyatt banner came to Kohler Foundation through the estate of artist Ray Yoshida in 2009.

Conservation treatment was provided by PARMA Conservation of Chicago. The banners are now in the collection of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.