Henry Diefenbach


Henry Diefenbach was a self-taught artist who began his journey in the world of art while recuperating in a local sanitarium. He made hats, bags, rugs, and potholders from loopers. He continued to create art using a wide variety of mediums. While he was home in Algoma, Wisconsin, he made dollhouses, birdhouses, whirlygigs, birdbaths, shelving and furniture. 

From 1959 to 1965, he created outdoor cement structures. He made seven house and tower structures that were tucked into the trees in his back yard along the banks of Silver Creek. Henry's children, Beverly, Orland, and Kenneth lived in the house on Perry St. and lovingly cared for their father's sculptures until they built a new home north of Algoma in 2009. At this time, they moved the "castle" sculpture to their new home, but the others were left on Perry St. 

In September of 2011, the property was purchased by Will and Stephanie Wasson, who agreed to donate the sculptures to Kohler Foundation. Once restored, the sculptures were gifted to the City of Algoma, Wisconsin, where they were installed in a park-like setting outside the library and city hall entrance.