Siemor Circus

The Siemor Bros. Miniature Circus was meticulously hand-crafted over a 40-year period by Mel and Lottie Romeis (note, Siemor is Romeis spelled backwards). Kohler Foundation gifted the Siemor Circus in 1998 to the International Clown Hall of Fame (ICHOF). The group had a home at State Fair Park on the second floor of the Expo Center, allowing the miniature circus to be on permanent display. That space, which was given to them without cost, was no longer available. Because they were not able to care for the collection, the ICHOF decided to return the miniature circus to Kohler Foundation. 

The circus required minor conservation treatment and a complete cleaning before it was de-installed, numbered, documented, packed and moved. In 2009, the miniature circus found a new home with the Wisconsin Historical Society. The 1” scale animated miniature circus delights children of all ages in the Irvin Feld Exhibit Hall and Visitor Center at Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin.