Orren “Brad” and Marilyn Bradley Collection

Avid collectors of folk and self-taught art, the Bradleys have decided to downsize their collection, which is resulting in three major gifts. The Bradleys are working directly with the Milwaukee Art Museum on a gift, but have sought the assistance of Kohler Foundation to work with the American Art Museum of the Smithsonian and the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Both institutions are receiving wonderful collections that were put together by Marilyn and Brad over many years, each carefully chosen and each with a story to tell. Artists represented in the collections include Albert Zahn, Edgar Tolson, Charlie Willeto, Minnie Adkins, S.L. Jones, in addition to other well-known, and many unknown, artists.

The Smithsonian gift is taking place in late 2015 and the gift to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center will take place in 2016. We look forward to seeing these works exhibited and enjoyed.